Coaching Young Athletes On Anchor – May 2016

Making Waves About Coaching Young Athletes on Anchor

Anchor is a free app that allows users to broadcast short audio clips. These clips are called “waves”.

Hear me discuss a variety of topics related to coaching young athletes that were broadcast on Anchor during May 2016. Each clip lasts for 2 minutes or less. Just click to listen!

The Warm Up: Don’t Just Go Through the Motions

I Learnt This Great Sprinting Cue From a Young Athlete

Passion & Preparation, Not Perfection

Get Buy-In From Your Athletes By Giving Them a Voice

Review Good Performances With As Much Vigour As You Would a Poor Performance

Youth Coaching Success = The Kids Want to Come Back

Ask Athletes What They Learnt Rather Than What They Did

Join Me On Anchor!

Join me on Anchor to discuss all things to do with coaching young athletes. See

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20150614_154020-1Darren Wensor is a sports development professional, coach educator, specialist coach of young athletes and founder of the blog Learn more about him here and connect with him on TwitterFacebookLinkedin , Anchor or via email.



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