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Games That Kids Love: Discus Train Tracks

A Fun Discus Training Drill for Young Athletes


“Discus Train Tracks” is a game that can be played with young athletes to help them develop control over their discus release.


  • Ground markers
  • Discuses (or practice discuses)
  • (Skipping ropes)

Set Up:

For each group of players, create a set of “train tracks”. This can be done by utilizing the lane markings on an athletics track, laying out skipping ropes end-to-end in two parallel lines or using ground markers to distinguish two lines.

The tracks should be at least ten metres long and roughly 1.2 meters wide (the width of a lane on an athletics track).

The athletes line up at one end of the train tracks, each with a ground marker and (if possible) a discus.


When it is their turn, players attempts to roll their discus as far along the train track as possible, using a correct discus grip and release.

A discus grip.

At the point their discus veers off the tracks, the player places their ground marker. The aim of the game is to attempt to roll the discus further along the tracks with each successive turn.

Safety Notes:

Always teach the group a rolling/throwing signal (no player is permitted to roll/throw until you have given the signal).

Reinforce to the athletes that the discus MUST be rolled, not thrown.

What are your favourite discus training drills?

I would love to hear your favourite discus training drills. I would also love to hear if you try using “Discus Train Tracks” and how it goes. Let me know by leaving a reply/comment or by using the contact details below.

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