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3 Top Tips For Learning How To Racewalk

Basic Racewalking Tips For Kids, Coaches & Parents

Check out this Little Athletics NSW video – featuring Australian Olympian Cheryl Webb  – that is aimed at helping kids to learn how to racewalk.

A handy summary containing some key points can be found below.

Video Key Points

Tip 1: Posture & Arms

Screenshot (34)

  • Keep tall.
  • To remind yourself to move smoothly, pretend that you are balancing an apple on your head.
  • Keep your arms and shoulders relaxed.
  • Keep your arms bent and swinging as you are walking.

Tip 2: Hip Movement

  • The hip movement is forwards and backwards; not side-to-side.
  • When the leg is going forward, the hip is pushed forward.
  • When the leg is going backwards, the hip is pushed backward.
  • Practise this hip movement by standing in front of a mirror. Keep arms relaxed, move hips back and forth, and keep the knees bending to allow the hip movement without twisting from side-to-side.

Screenshot (36)

Tip 3: Foot Strike & Leg Action

  • Land on the heel with the leg straight.
  • Push back on each stride.

Screenshot (40)

Game: Racewalking Tag

  • One player starts slightly ahead of another player.
  • On “go” both players racewalk.
  • The player in front tries to reach a marker a few metres away before being tagged by the player behind.
  • Start the players closer or further apart to increase or decrease the difficulty of the challenge.

Screenshot (38)

Further reading

Little Athletics NSW website

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