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(VIDEO) 8 Warning Signs of Really Bad Youth Sports Coaching

What Not To Do When Coaching Young Athletes

One of the most popular articles on the Coaching Young Athletes blog is 8 Warning Signs of Really Bad Youth Sports Coaching so I thought that I would follow it up with the below video.

Our kids should not have to suffer bad coaching. Watch the video and learn about when the alarm bells should start ringing. If you see these signs in a coach you know I would seriously suggest that you find another coach. If you see these signs in yourself you need to take a good hard look in the mirror and make some changes.


In summary, eight warning signs of really bad youth sports coaching are:

  1. The coach uses profanity.
  2. The coach argues with referees or officials.
  3. The coach criticizes athletes, not their behaviours.
  4. The coach won’t listen to athletes or parents.
  5. The coach allows cheating.
  6. The coach makes winning the only goal.
  7. The coach ignores lesser skilled players.
  8. The coach makes you feel worthy only when you win.

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You may download a printable PDF poster that features the “8 Warning Signs of Really Bad Youth Sports Coaching” by clicking HERE.

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