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How to Teach Young Throwers to Drive Their Hips To The Front

A Coaching Cue to Help Young Athletes Learn a Good Throwing Position

If you are looking for a good coaching cue for teaching young athletes to drive their hips through to the front during a throwing event such as shot put or discus, try this:

Tell athletes to “Throw the money out of their pocket”.

Three-photo sequence depicting a front view of how young throwers can be taught to drive their hips through to the front

The below explanation is for a right-handed thrower:

  • Tell the athlete to pretend that they are carrying coins in the right-hand-side pocket of their shorts/pants.
  • Ask the athlete to “throw the money out of their pocket” without using their hands.

NOTE: I usually ask the athletes to place their hands on their hips during this drill.

This simple cue encourages:

  • A pivot of the driving (back) foot.
  • A strong drive of the hips to the front.
  • An extension of the driving leg and lifting of the height of the hips.
  • A transfer of weight from back foot to front foot.
  • A tall finishing position.

Let me know your best coaching cues

I would live to hear if you have discovered or heard of any great coaching cues that have really stuck with you. Let me know by leaving a reply/comment or by using the below contact details.

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