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Coaching Young Athletes aims to inspire and empower people whose role it is to inspire and empower others.

People usually arrive at Coaching Young Athletes wanting to improve themselves and others. They sometimes feel a little apprehensive and intimidated, even overwhelmed and under-prepared in their role as a coach, teacher, sports parent or sports leader. They want to give kids and themselves better sports experiences. Coaching Young Athletes aims to leave people feeling more capable and confident; from evading to embracing their role, from feeling intimated to invigorated, from being under-prepared to under control.

More capable and confident adult leadership creates better and more enjoyable kids athletics experiences for everyone – kids and adults included.

If this mission strongly resonates with you, you can directly contribute to Coaching Young Athletes by becoming a member.

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You can become an official supporter of Coaching Young Athletes by taking out a monthly member subscription.

For a limited time special introductory monthly subscription fee of 5 USD you can be part of the community of like-minded people actively helping Coaching Young Athletes to support people who are supporting kids involved in youth sports.

Receive Exclusive Cheat Sheets Reserved Just For Members!

Coaching Young Athletes members receive access to an exclusive monthly bundle of cheat sheets. This downloadable digital resource consists of a cheat sheet for each new Coaching Young Athletes blog post from the previous month.

The cheat sheets summarise the key points of each new Coaching Young Athletes post, making it more likely that the information contained in the articles will be retained, implemented and lead to change.

Some of the cheat sheets include bonus snippets of information not contained in the original post.

Each cheat sheet also features a link back to original post.

You can carry the cheat sheets with you as needed, stick them up on the fridge, post them above your desk or build a handy reference file.

If you are someone who wishes you could download an easily digestible summary of your favourite Coaching Young Athletes articles, these cheat sheets are for you.

To view a free sample of a Coaching Young Athletes cheat sheet, click HERE.

FREE Or Discounted Coaching Young Athletes Resources

When Coaching Young Athletes releases a new digital resource, members are granted free or heavily discounted access to these resources.

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