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My name is Darren Wensor. I am based in Sydney, Australia.


I have twenty-three years experience working full-time in sports development and coach education, and twenty-eight years of coaching/teaching experience.

I have authored/contributed to numerous sports-related articles, books, journals, manuals, support resources and coach education course outlines. I regularly present at coach education courses and conferences and I have appeared as an on-camera presenter or coach on a number of instructional videos.

 What is this blog about?

This blog aims to share an array of thoughts, ideas, tips and tricks related to coaching and teaching young athletes.

Who is this blog for?

The information presented is relevant to coaches, teachers and parents of young athletes. A sample of some of my most popular articles is below:

How to Win Young Athletes Over in the First 5 Minutes

How to Teach a Long Jump Run-Up in 7 Easy Steps

How You Can Best Help Your Child Prepare for Their Big Sports Event

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Ray 0419 42 86 86 says:

    Hi Darren,
    I didn’t realise you had such a website & congratulations it fantastic. Do you have any more info on Javelin coaching as I’ve printed your articles on Blocking, Hips plus some stuff on Discus & a little Shot. I usually coach athletes at Hills on Sat. morn. but last Sunday arvo I started a coaching class on Jav. I was expecting 5 or 6 athletes. I coached 16 as one big group! Thankfully I had Nicole’s help & used the parents. Any ideas here please? We planning to coach again this Sunday after relays – wanna join us???, plus every Sunday until our Zone, Region & State Champs. I’ve looked at some u-tubes on Jav. & printed info from USA. Prepared my own training notes even forward same off to ATFCA for approval – No reply yet, disappointing. Any info/assistance you can offer will be highly appreciated. Might see you at Relays. I’m at Disc. 1 on Sat & Disc 3 (WUT) Sunday.
    And thank you Darren. Please keep up the good work here. Wish I knew about it earlier.

    Best regards, Ray Rayner


  2. TM says:

    I’m a Parkour Coach. U.S./Israel.
    Love this:
    “People see what (pro) hurdlers do and assume this is what beginners should be taught. But trying to emulate elite athletes is not always suitable for beginners and may even be detrimental to them.”


  3. John Deery says:

    Great resource for novice coaches. Thanks!


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