Javelin Safety For Young Athletes And Coaches

6 Important Safety Considerations For Javelin Training

Javelin throwing is an activity that requires the utmost attention to safety. The javelin can be a dangerous object if not handled correctly. In this article, we will discuss six key safety considerations for athletes and coaches to ensure a safe javelin experience.

1. Carry the Javelin Vertically

When walking around with a javelin carry it in a vertical position. Hold the javelin with the point facing downward toward the ground. This secures both the tip and tail of the javelin and minimises the risk of accidental injuries.

2. Proper Management of the Javelin

When holding a javelin, be mindful of your surroundings and the people around you. Exercise caution to avoid accidental incidents that may cause injuries. The tail of the javelin can be as dangerous as its tip. Be aware and take care at all times of the location of both the tip and the tail. Do not wave the javelin around or play with it. Handle the javelin carefully for your safety and the safety of the people around you.

3. Exercise Caution When Retrieving Javelins

When retrieving a javelin that may be stuck in the ground, avoid running toward it. Running poses the danger of slipping, tripping, and landing on the protruding tail of the javelin. Take your time, approach the javelin carefully, and retrieve it with caution. Keep in mind the safety of others in the vicinity. Before pulling it from the ground, take time to check that no one is in the path of the tail of the javelin. Withdraw it carefully. When pulling it from the ground, place your thumb over the end of the javelin as an extra safety precaution. Move it to the vertical as soon as possible.

4. Be Mindful of Others’ Safety

Designate a throwing area where only authorised individuals should be present. Keep others at a safe distance from the throwing area to prevent accidents. Clearly define the landing area for the javelin so that athletes understand where it is expected to land. Coaches and officials should also be attentive and ready to move if a javelin comes their way. It is important to ensure that no one is in the vicinity of the throwing area during javelin throwing. Mark the boundaries clearly to prevent anyone from entering the danger zone during a throw.

5. Establish a Throwing and Retrieval Signal

To ensure an orderly and safe throwing experience, establish a throwing signal. Athletes should not begin their throw until they receive the signal from the coach. Coaches can make this signal fun for kids by likening it to an air traffic controller giving clearance for a jet aircraft take-off. This helps maintain order and prevents premature throws that could lead to accidents. If athletes are retrieving their javelin after throwing, they must not do so unless given the signal by the coach. Learners must wait after throwing until the coach gives the all-clear.

6. Proper Storage

When a javelin is temporarily not in use during a training session, it is important to store it safely. A secure and recommended method is to stick the javelin vertically in the ground. This prevents accidental contact with the tail of the javelin and reduces the risk of trip hazards if the implement is left lying on the ground.


By prioritising safety, athletes and coaches can enjoy javelin training and minimise the risk of injuries.

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