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3 More Of the Best Warm Up Games For A Sensational Start To Your Session

3 Great Games That Will Help You Win Your Warm Up

The following games are fun, simple, vigorous activities, requiring minimal equipment and set-up. The kids will love them and so will you.

Game 1: Out The Gate


“Out The Gate” is a very vigorous warm up tag game in which no one is eliminated.


  • Halved pool noodles
  • “Gate” markers e.g. Pool noodles on pegs, ground marker domes, witches hats, etc


Out The Gate Set Up

  • Set up a square playing area.
  • Form 4 “gates” marked on each corner of the playing area.
  • Choose a tagger. Give them half a pool noodle.
  • Other kids scatter inside the playing area.


  • The tagger chases and attempts to tag the other players with their pool noodle.
  • If a child is tagged by a tagger, they must run out the closest gate and re-enter the game by running back in the gate on the next corner.
  • Play for a designated time.


As this is a warm up game, I suggest adding the rule that no one is allowed to stand still, regardless of whether they are being chased or are chasing. This keeps everyone moving.

Game 2: Domes & Dishes


Domes & Dishes is an energetic warm up game that involves running, agility, strategy and teamwork.


A stack of dome ground markers.


  • Split the group into two teams.
  • Scatter the ground markers in the designated playing area, half of them turned upside down.


  • On “Go!” Team A moves around the playing area attempting to turn as many markers as possible the right way up (domes)
  • At the same time, Team B attempts to turn as many markers as possible upside down (dishes).
  • After playing for a designated time, stop the game and count the number of markers the correct way up, compared to the number of markers upside down to find the winning team.

Ideas For Alternatives

  • Use a  bigger or smaller playing area.
  • Play for shorter or longer times
  • Change the method of locomotion e.g. skipping, hopping, jumping, etc.
  • Players must only use their left or right hand to turn the domes.
  • Introduce taggers who attempt to disrupt the other team. E.g. a tagged player needs to leave and run around the outside of the playing area before re-entering the game.
  • A simpler version of the game for younger kids is getting the whole group to work together to flip the cones one way. i.e. start all of the cones as domes and everyone works together to see how quickly they can turn all of the cones over into dishes. Time them to see how quickly it can be achieved.


  • Avoid playing this game outdoors on a windy day. The cones may be flipped by the wind!
  • Warn the kids of being aware of avoiding collisions.

Game 3:  Attack of the Killer Bees


“Attack of the Killer Bees” is traditional tag tweaked to incorporate pool noodles and a fun scenario for the kids.


  • Halved pool noodles
  • Full-length pool noodles (optional)
  • Equipment to mark out the playing area boundaries e.g. Pool noodles on pegs, ground marker domes, witches hats, etc


  • Choose some “Killer Bees” (taggers). Give them half a pool noodle.


  • The “killer bees” use their “stingers” (half pool noodles) to tag others.
  • A “tagged” player takes the noodle to become a “killer bee”.
  • Play for a designated time.


  • Give one or more taggers “super stingers” (full-length pool noodles).
  • Add some small obstacles to the playing area. Players need to avoid and dodge the obstacles while running.
  • Add items to the playing area that players have to collect while avoiding the “killer bees”. (E.g. Bean bags, ribbons, etc).


  • Instruct the “killer bees” to “touch” not “hit” with the pool noodles.

Game Summary

  1. Out the Gate
  2. Domes & Dishes
  3. Attack of the Killer Bees

Over To You!

Try starting your sports session with one of these games. I would love to hear how it goes. Let me know by leaving a comment/reply or by using the contact details below.

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