Recipe for a Young Athlete’s Future Success

Include These Ingredients to Ensure a Happy Young Athlete

The following recipe is guaranteed to be a hit with all young people. A recipe for everyone, it requires little skill or experience, yet some care and patience. The results are certainly worth waiting for!


1. Take even measures of a variety of SKILLS (being careful not to add too much at the expense of  another) and mix them thoroughly with a huge quantity of FUN. (Note: too little FUN may lead to a bland taste).

2. Stir a large amount of PARENTAL SUPPORT and INTEREST through the mixture.

3. Blend in some GOOD COACHING and allow the mixture to settle.

4. A dash of TRAINING is fine, however too much may cause early spoilage.

5. Resist the temptation to add any ADULT EGO, BRIBERY, PRESSURE or PUNISHMENT. While seeming like a good idea at the time, the results may be disappointing.

6. Allow the mixture to simmer over low heat for some years, regularly stirring through some ENCOURAGEMENT.


1. Other versions of this recipe have been tried by those looking for quick success, often resulting in total disaster.

2. A bad experience with this recipe may lead to a reluctance to try it again.

3. This recipe is most effective when SLOW cooked, rather than PRESSURE cooked.

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2 thoughts on “Recipe for a Young Athlete’s Future Success

  1. yourforeverdiet says:

    As a Registered Dietitian who works with student athletes, I would add a heaping cup of sports nutrition advice. There is so much misinformation in regard to properly fueling a young athletes body and I am passionate at educating athletes on how to sift thru the info and learn how to safely fuel their bodies for peak performance both on the field and in the classroom.

    I love your posts! Noreen Gallo MS RD


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