How to Conduct a Successful Coach-Athlete Season Review

18 Questions to Ask An Athlete

Coach-athlete end-of-season reviews are a vital part of the coaching process. They are a valuable tool for:

  • Learning as much as possible from the season just completed.
  • Assisting the planning process for the next season.
  • Identifying ways in which future programs and performances can be improved.
  • Ensuring good communication and a clear understanding exists between athlete and coach.

My tips for a successful season review are:

  1.  The review needs to examine and reflect upon the athlete’s performance, the coach’s performance and the performance of the coach-athlete team.
  2. The coach should provide a questionnaire to the athlete in advance of a one-on-one review meeting. This allows the athlete time to consider responses, which is particularly useful for young athletes.
  3. The questionnaire should be completed and the meeting occur within several weeks of the end of the season – while all is still fresh in the mind.
  4. The coach must encourage the athlete to think widely about each question and answer each thoroughly. The athlete should be told that they do not have to complete it all in one sitting.
  5. The coach must emphasize that the athlete should answer honestly. The responses should be the athlete’s true thoughts, not what they think the coach would like to hear.

Below is a sample season review questionnaire that I have found appropriate for teenage athletes. Part 1 focuses on the athlete’s performance. Part 2 focuses on the coach-athlete-program performance

Coach-Athlete Season Review Questionnaire

Part 1 – Your Performance

  1. What were your major goals over the past season?
  2. Did your performances come up to your expectations?
  3. What were your major highlights/achievements over the past season?
  4. What did you most enjoy about the season?
  5. In what ways did you improve/become a better athlete?
  6. What did you learn?
  7. What were your major strengths?
  8. What things worked for you?
  9. What things didn’t go to plan and how can they be improved?
  10. In what ways would you like to improve from here?

Part 2 – Coach/Athlete Performance (Remember – be honest!)

  1. In what ways was I most helpful to you as a coach?
  2. What were the best parts of the program?
  3. Can you suggest any changes or additions to the program?
  4. How can we make the program even more enjoyable?
  5. What new things would you like to be added to your program next season?
  6. How else can I help you improve/learn/reach your goals/take the next step?
  7. Do you have any other ideas that would even further improve the way that we work together as coach and athlete?
  8. Any other comments/ideas?

Can you add anything to this list?

Are there any questions that you would suggest adding to this list? What has been your experience with end-of-season reviews? I would love to hear from you. You can contact me by leaving a reply/comment or by using the below contact details.

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