How to Control the Point of the Javelin

Simple Javelin Coaching Tips for Young Athletes

Many young athletes “lose control” of the javelin as they begin the delivery action.

One reason is that instead of the tip of the javelin pointing in the direction of the throw, the tip can be pointing anywhere but where it should be. This can lead to a poor throw, and in extreme cases, shoulder and elbow injuries.

To get the best result, the javelin tip should be aimed in the direction that the athlete wants the javelin to travel. A really good saying to remember is: “Elbow high, palm to the sky, keep the tip close to your eye” to describe the position and alignment of the arm, hand and javelin just prior to delivery.

“Elbow high, palm to the sky, keep the tip close to your eye.”

Demonstration of Javelin Being Withdrawn

Alignment of the javelin

As well as aligning the javelin properly, it is important that a young athlete use an overarm throwing action – where the javelin passes above their shoulder (like a tennis serve action) – and the tail of the javelin follows the tip as they pull the javelin through. All of the athlete’s power needs to be directed through the point of the javelin.


  1. Elbow high, palm to the sky, keep the tip close to your eye.
  2. The javelin passes over the shoulder.
  3. The tail of the javelin should follow its tip.
  4. Direct all power through the point of the javelin.

What are your favourite javelin coaching tips?

What are the best javelin teaching cues that you have heard as an athlete, coach or parent? Have you used the ones contained in this article? Did they work? Let me know by leaving a comment/reply or by using the below contact details.

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