The 12 Best Sports Coaching Tweets of 2017

The Top Tweet From Each Month of 2017

In each edition of the Coaching Young Athletes newsletter, I publish a list of my favourite tweets from that particular month that relate to, or can be related to, coaching young athletes.

From each of these twelve lists from 2017 I have selected a “winner”.

Each selected tweet was one that caused me to pause, take notice, smile, nod and reflect. I hope that they have the same effect on you.


“Best coaching style? Easy – one that is genuine to you. Learn from – don’t try to imitate – others. Players want authenticity, not actors.”

Wade Gilbert @WadeWgilbert


“Making children wait in line to use one ball is like giving a class one pen…and expecting them to learn to write.”

Josh Mountain @Josh_Mountain


“You’re expected to educate during the week & let them play the games. Yelling just makes it look like you are scrambling to cover that fact.”

Coach Reed Maltbie @Coach_Reed


“Consistency outperforms novelty when it comes to achieving long-term results. Yet we often revert to complexity due to insecurity or boredom.”

Brett Bartholomew @Coach_BrettB


“It’s about the athlete. The moment we lose sight of that it’s time for a different job because we are doing more harm than good.”

John Cissik @jcissik


“When you coach kids you leave memories & footprints. The question is – what type of footprints will you leave & how will you be remembered?”

Dr Martin Toms @drmartintoms


“Any coach can write a hard training session, takes a true coach to make an athlete better with the minimum stimulus necessary.”

Lachlan Wilmot @lachlan_wilmot


“What administrators in Junior Sport need to realise: If everyone got a trophy, then no one got a trophy.”

Junior Sport Science @JnrSportScience


“Simple way to build your Coaching Philosophy? Write down how you want your Athletes to remember you and work from there.”

Grant Jenkins @Grant_Jenkins


“When we rescue our students too quickly, we say to them, ‘You can’t do it.'”

Tim Elmore @TimElmore


“Parent who watched the last 15 mins of tonight’s after school training – ‘I’ve seen the All Blacks do this drill, perhaps you should be doing it?’ Coach in response – ‘Perhaps we should be doing what the All Blacks did when they were 11 years old?’”

Sporticus @ImSporticus


“‘Don’t break the chain’ – main goal of every youth sport coach should be to extend the chain of athlete development. ‘Win today’ attitude erodes the chain. We need to help coaches see their place in the chain, avoid becoming the last link in the chain.”

Wade Gilbert @WadeWgilbert

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