To Be A Throwing Ace You Will Need A Stable Base

Why The Shot, Discus And Javelin Needs A Firmly Fixed Foundation

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By ayzek from Getty Images via Canva

Whoever first said it, I know that it’s true,
You can’t shoot a cannon from a canoe.

The cannon must fire from a stable base,
Or the ball could fall in any old place!

Just like a cannon, if you want to throw long,
You will need to ensure that your platform is strong.

Whether shot put, discus or throwing a jav,
To stand solid and block is a skill you must have.

Firm and steady, fixed and strong,
From this position you’ll be able to throw long.

Too many young athletes lift one foot in the air,
But when throwing for distance you don’t need such flair.

In touch with the ground both feet must stay,
Until the implement is launched far away.

So in order to show off your throwing talents,
You must find a way to maintain your balance.

Your balance will come from a stable base,
Which you will need to become a throwing ace.

Over to you!

Next time you are working with a young person doing shot put, discus or javelin, check their delivery stance. Are they trying to throw off one foot? If so, they won’t be able to achieve a block. For some ideas about how to deal with this, check out What is a “Block” in the Throws and How Do I Teach It?.

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