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Amazing Athletics History: The Standing High Jump

Check Out This Fantastic Vision of the Standing High Jump at the 1912 Olympics

WOW. What an amazing video. Some highlights for me include:

  • No landing mats
  • The officials’ uniforms
  • The spectators lying on the grass
  • The explosive power and athleticism of the athletes.

About the Standing High Jump

Wikipedia tells us that the event was held at the Olympics between 1900 and 1912. Both the standing and the “running” high jump events were staged at each of these games.

The winning jump at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics – from where the film was taken – was 1.63m; the world record at the time was 1.65m.

It appears that the athletes were required to jump from two feet; see how closely the official is watching the feet of the second jumper seen in the video.

Learn More About the Standing High Jump

Read more about the history of the standing high jump HERE.

Read more about the 1912 Olympics standing high jump event and view the full results HERE.

Share this video with a young athlete

It’s great for young athletes to know about and respect the history of their sport. Show them this video and share some of the fascinating facts about the event with them.

What was your reaction to this video?

I would love to hear what you thought of this video and anything that stood out for you. Did you know that the standing high jump once existed? Should it still be an event in athletics? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment/reply or by using the below contact details.


Amazing Athletics History: The Standing Long Jump

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