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How to Help a Child Prepare for a Big Sports Event – Part 1 (Audio)

5 Tips to Help a Young Athlete Prepare for a Big Sports Event

Listen to me discuss on Anchor five tips about what and what not to do in the period leading up to a child’s major sporting event. Each recording is less than two minutes duration. Just click to listen.


Tip 1: Avoid Placing Performance Expectations on Your Child

Tip 2: Avoid Researching & Building Profiles of Opponents

Tip 3: Don’t Increase The Number of Practice Sessions

Tip 4: Keep Things As Normal As Possible

Tip 5: Avoid New Things

Let me know what you think

I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the above tips either via the email or comments section of this blog, or through the Anchor app.

Further listening

Hear tips 6 to 10 at How to Help a Child Prepare for a Big Sports Event – Part 2 (Audio)

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