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Long Jump: An Essential Guide for Teaching Kids

3 Posts That Will Help You Teach Young Athletes How to Long Jump

I hope that these three articles, when combined, will provide you with a complete basic guide for teaching long jump to young athletes.

Learn how to introduce the event, teach the run-up, and recognize and solve common mistakes young athletes make.

How to Teach Young Athletes to Long Jump

Discover a sequence of activities that can be used to introduce the long jump to beginners.

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How to Teach a Long Jump Run-Up in 7 Easy Steps

How should a young athlete measure out their long jump run-up? Where should they start on the runway? How long should their run-up be?

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10 of the Biggest Mistakes Young Athletes Make in the Long Jump

Ten of the most common errors young athletes make in the long jump, along with some possible coaching solutions.

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Use some of the above tips next time you have to teach long jump

If you use any of the tips outlined in the above articles I would love to hear how it goes. Let me know by leaving a reply/comment or by using the below contact details.

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