My 5 Most-Read Articles During 2016

The Top 5 Posts on the Coaching Young Athletes Blog in 2016

The “Coaching Young Athletes” blog first appeared in May 2015 and has continued to grow during 2016 attracting over 33,000 views from people in 135 countries. Below are the five most-read articles for 2016:

How to Teach a Long Jump Run-Up in 7 Easy Steps

Long and triple jump run-ups – a seven stage teaching process.

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Kids Sports: How Often Should a Young Athlete Practice?

A discussion about appropriate training frequency and volume for young athletes.

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Long Jump: An Essential Guide for Teaching Kids

Links to three posts that will help you teach young athletes how to long jump.

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5 Tips for Teaching Discus to Beginners

Links to 5 posts that will help coaches teach a basic standing discus throw to beginners.

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How to Evaluate Your Own Coaching Performance

Tips for creating your own coaching self evaluation form.

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Thanks to all who have visited the blog. I hope that you have gained a few tips and tricks for coaching and teaching young athletes.

What was your favourite Coaching Young Athletes post?

Let me know by leaving a comment/reply or by using the contact details below.

Further Reading

My 5 Most-Read Articles for 2015

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