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Why All Young Athletes Need a Multi-Event Base

Young Athletes Should Avoid Event Specialisation

It is common for people to think that the best way to become a “top level” athlete is to concentrate on training exclusively for a certain event (or to “specialise”) from a young age.

This early specialisation, however, may limit overall skill development. Only doing movements associated with a single event may restrict a young athlete’s overall development of such things as coordination, balance, agility, flexibility and strength – all of which are essential to high performance sport!

If a young athlete wants to one day reach a high performance level, they will need to specialise at some time. But the results will be much more effective after they have given themselves a strong multi-event base. Specialisation should not occur before 15 or 16 years of age.

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Advice for Young Athletes

1. Focus on becoming an “athlete” rather than a “runner”, “jumper”, “thrower” or “walker”

Try all of the events! It’s much more fun! Keep your options open. Work on running, jumping, throwing and walking skills.

2. Don’t convince yourself that you can’t do or are not suited to an event

Keep your mind open – it is amazing how many elite athletes now compete in events that they did not dominate at a younger age.

3. Be aware that everyone grows and develops at different rates

The body type that you have now may not be the body type that you have in several years’ time. It is difficult to tell what events your body will suit once you have finished growing. Practice for all of the events so that you can leave yourself options.

4. Have patience

Be aware that if you take a multi-event approach to training, you may not improve as quickly in each event as someone who is specialising in one event, but your improvements will be more consistent and longer-lasting. Be patient and the results will come!

What are your thoughts on event specialisation?

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