How to Best Manage Groups of Young Athletes

Links to 5 Posts That Will Help You to Better Manage Groups of Young Athletes

Below are links to five “Coaching Young Athletes” articles that will assist you to more effectively manage groups of young athletes. Whether you are a coach, teacher, instructor or a parent who volunteers at your kid’s sport, there should be something of value for you from the following list.


1. How to Use “Go Words” to Stop Wasting Time

This article outlines a great tip for holding a group’s attention until you have completed an explanation.

Read the full post

2. How to Save Time When Coaching Young Athletes

This post describes how to use “count downs” to get kids to organise themselves quickly.

Read the full post

3. How to Use Point Scores to Keep a Group Engaged

Competition – used in the right way – is a very powerful motivator and an extremely effective group management strategy.

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4. How to Effectively Supervise Your Group

Adults caring for young athletes need to build effective group supervision strategies into their management repertoire.

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5. How To Keep Young Athletes Busy

A good activity session involving young athletes will see the participants kept busy. Here are five tips for achieving this.

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What are your favourite strategies when it comes to managing groups?

I would love for you to add to the above list of group management tips. You can do so by leaving a reply/comment or by using the below contact details.

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