The Value of Debriefing a Good Performance

Review Good Performances With As Much Vigour As You Would a Poor Performance

I encourage all coaches of young athletes to debrief and review a good performance with as much vigour and rigour as you would a poor performance.

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This could be a team performance, an individual athlete’s performance or your performance as a coach.

It is common to look deeply into a performance after a loss or when things haven’t gone as well as expected. It is less common to closely examine a good performance.

Following a good performance, it is really tempting to celebrate, enjoy the moment and move on. This can lead to complacency.

If you don’t really examine a success, you have missed a wonderful opportunity.

“What brought you to this point isn’t the same thing that’s going to keep you here. Keep learning, evolving & stay open minded.”

Allistair McCaw @AllistairMcCaw

So coaches, if you, your team or your athletes have performed really well, work out why and how it can all be done again.

How do you review performances?

Do you review all performances? How do you do it? When do you do it? Is it effective? What have you learnt? Let me know by leaving a reply/comment or by using the contact details below.

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