10 Youth Sports Quotes That Will Make You Think

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Below are ten quotes that have appeared at some stage on the Coaching Young Athletes blog or social media accounts.

Each quote relates to a youth sports topic that I am passionate about.

Check them out and then vote for your favourite in the poll at the bottom of the page.

Quote 1

Prepare a young athlete for their sporting future, not just the next big competition - Facebook (1)

Quote 2

Good coaches are athlete-centered,not self-centered

Quote 3

Medals are not a measure of youth sport success

Quote 4

Competitive sporting success at an early age can have very limited relevance - Facebook

Quote 5

Parents and coaches should not get over-excited about a young athlete_s early sporting success and create unrealistic expectations of them. Do not risk a child_s enjoyment of sport b

Quote 6

How to best help young athletes prepare for a big sports event-

Quote 7

For Better Results, Stop Worrying About Opponents

Quote 8

Develop young athletes so that they can compete well whether you are there or not - Facebook

Quote 9

to live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.

Quote 10

If training isn't fun, kids wont improve

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