3 Videos That Will Help You Coach The Javelin Run-Up

How to Teach Kids a Javelin Run-Up (Part 2)

Further to my recent post How To Teach Kids A Javelin Run-Up, for those of you who wanted to know a bit more, below are three helpful YouTube videos from teachpe.com.

The videos demonstrate the teaching progressions from a three-stride walking throw to a full approach. We also see some run-up drills and learn about some common faults.

Javelin Coaching – Run Up Part 1

This first video demonstrates the teaching of a walking three-stride throw, a more rhythmic three-stride throw, and a five-stride throw.

 Javelin Coaching – Run Up Part 2

This video demonstrates the teaching of a longer run-up, starting with the javelin in a carry position.

Javelin Coaching – Run Up Part 3

This video demonstrates some javelin run-up drills, focusing on point control and some common faults.

I like the simplicity of these videos and the fact that we are seeing a coach in action with an athlete. The teaching stages progress logically and reflect what I wrote about in How To Teach Kids A Javelin Run-Up.

Now you try it!

Try using something that you have learned from these videos. I would love to hear how it goes. Let me know by leaving a reply/comment or by contacting me directly using the contact details below.

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