10 Of The Best Quotes From A Youth Sports Think Tank

10 Quotes To Inspire Change

Quotes can inspire change.

Below are ten of the best quotes from the 2019 GO! Chase Excellence in Youth Sports Virtual Think Tank.

The Think Tank brought together some of the world’s best minds in youth sports to provide scientifically-based, professionally-proven and easily implementable action items for making change.

The event was held 20 March to 29 March 2019.

Quote 1:

“Children are not commodities.”

Gordon MacLelland in“Building Life Skills With Your Child Through Sport”

Quote 2:

“Perhaps the session might look a bit disorganised from the outside. Yet the outside doesn’t count if you know it is good on the inside.”

Dan Cottrell in “How To Create Momentum In Your Training Sessions”

Quote 3:

“Let’s build strong, robust, resilient young movers.”

Dr. Joe Eisenmann in “Coach, Give Me The First Five Minutes Of Practice”

Quote 4:

“Sports can be good for people, and it can be bad for people and the coach has a lot of control over which one is the case.”

Ashleigh Hopkins in “Mental Health – Recognizing it and becoming part of the solution”

Quote 5:

“Where did we ever get the crazy idea that in order to make children do better, we first have to make them feel worse?”

Jane Nelson in “The Power Of Belonging – Using Positive Discipline Tools To Develop Confident Athletes”

Quote 6:

“Our children are children.”

Richard Shorter in “Car Journeys – Fueling Sporting Character”

Quote 7:

“Love cannot be pushed, forced, demanded or commanded.”

Stacie Mahoe in “The Power of Love in Excellence”

Quote 8:

If we want to treat ourselves as professionals, video has to part of our coaching development and feedback platform.”

Coach Reed Maltbie in “Lights. Camera. Action! Video is Vital to the Best Coaching Development Plans”

Quote 9:

“When we are studying, coaching or teaching children we have to abandon the assumptions we’ve picked up from studying, coaching and teaching adults.”

Dr. Richard Bailey in “5 Little Things To Improve Youth Sports”

Quote 10:

“There is value in the struggle. That is where the learning is.”

Stuart Armstrong in “Climbing a Mountain Wearing a Pac-a-Mac”

Which is your favourite quote?

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