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How to Save Time When Coaching Young Athletes

Use Count Downs to Speed Up Transitions

“Count Downs” are really effective at encouraging kids to organise themselves quickly.

Examples of a coach using “count downs”:

“When I say ‘GO’, by the time I count to ‘THREE’ I want you to find a partner. Ready? Go! 1…2…3!”

“In a moment, the class will have 10 seconds to be lined up. Ready? Go! 10…9…8…, etc.”

“When I say ‘GO’, let’s see how quickly we can go out, collect the shots, swap with our partner, and be ready for our next turn. Ready? Go! 1…2…3…4…, etc.”

Coach feedback following the use of a “count down”

Count downs can be made even more effective if followed by appropriate feedback from the coach. Examples include:

“Well done, I knew that this group was good at getting organised quickly.”

“Fantastic, nine seconds and we are ready to begin.”

“Wow, only eight seconds and we are all ready! That is the best that you have done today.”


 “Count downs” can be used by a coach to:

  • Encourage the kids to get organised quickly.
  • Improve a group’s performance at transitioning between activities.
  • Save time by reducing transition times.
  • Provide a measure of a group’s organisational performance and improvement.
  • Provide a chance for the coach to provide positive feedback to the kids.

Let Me Know If This Works For You!

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