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10 Quick And Easy Teaching Tips For Shot Put

10 Things That Will Help You Coach Shot Put to Kids

Tip 1

Hold the shot so that it sits on the base of the fingers, rather than on the palm of the hand or in the fingertips. This allows for the shot to be “flicked” off the fingers as it is released. A shot held on the palm can’t be flicked off the fingers; a shot held in the fingertips is in danger of slipping out!

Shot held on base of fingers

Tip 2

Prior to commencing the throw, position the shot under the jaw, against the neck, near the windpipe. (Not up on the cheek or behind the ear!)

Demonstration of holding the shot against the windpipe
Shot held near the windpipe

Tip 3

With the shot up against the neck, position the throwing hand so that little finger is pointing to the ear lobe and the thumb to the collar bone.

Little finger to ear, thumb to collar bone

Tip 4

Lift the elbow of the throwing arm up behind the shot – and keep it there when preparing to throw and during the throwing action. Don’t let the elbow drop below or get in front of the shot.

Shot putter with their elbow leading the shot,
Error: Elbow in Front of Shot

Tip 5

When preparing to perform a standing throw, offset the feet to allow the hips to more easily and effectively turn to the front. Therefore, rather than stand with the feet parallel, position the feet so that the the toes of the front foot are in line with the heel of the back foot.

Feet offset

Tip 6

During the throwing action, turn the hips, trunk and shoulders to the front by pivoting the driving (back) foot to the front while also transferring the body weight from back to front foot.

Tip 7

Keep both feet on the ground when letting go of the shot. It is common for beginners to lift their back foot and try to throw off one leg, which greatly diminishes the force that can be applied to the shot.

Keep both feet on the ground

Tip 8

Pull the non-throwing arm inwards and downwards close to the armpit or ribs to “lock” this side of the body into placeand allow the throwing side of the body to accelerate around it and achieve a powerful throwing action.

Click on the image to watch a replay of a Facebook Live video where I discuss the action of the non-throwing arm

Tip 9

Keeping the thumb down, fully extend the arm and wrist so that the shot is propelled off the fingers with a final “flick”.

Hand posiition_ Thumb down (2)
Full extension – thumb down

Tip 10

When releasing the shot, stand in a strong tall throwing position, watching the shot go. Avoid bending forward at the hips or tipping over to the side.

Shot putter tipping over to the side
Error: Tipping over to the side

Over To You!

What is your top quick and easy teaching tip for shot put to kids? Share it here by leaving a comment/reply or let me know by using the contact details below.

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