An Essential Guide for Sports Parents

Answers to Some of Your Most Important Sports Parenting Questions

1. What Makes A Good Sports Parent?

If you want your child to come out of their sporting experience feeling good about themselves and having a healthy attitude about sport, there are definitely some things that you should and should NOT do as a sports parent.

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2. How Often Should My Child Practice For Their Sport?

Once, twice, three times per week or every day? How many times per week should a young athlete practice and for how long? What is acceptable? What is too much?

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3. Should My Child Concentrate On One Sport Or Play Many?

For a long time, many people have been under the impression that the best way to develop an athlete to be a top level competitor is to train that athlete for a particular sport from a very early age. Is this the best way to go about things?

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4. How Should A Parent Treat Early Sporting Success?

Does competitive success in sport at an early age have any relevance in predicting the future potential of a young athlete? How does physical maturity affect performance? How should parents treat early and late developers?

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5. How Can I Help My Child Stay Motivated About Their Sport?

What will help to sustain a young athlete’s long-term interest in sports participation? What should we be emphasizing to them about their sport? Is it wise to depend on medals, trophies and awards as a source of motivation?

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6. Are There Any Signs That Indicate Bad Coaching?

Of course no coach is perfect.But certain signs warn you of bad coaching. If you see consistent evidence of these signs in a coach – steer clear of them.

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7. How Can I Help My Child Prepare For A Big Sports Event?

Most young athletes perform best when they are relaxed and happy. This is something that you can definitely influence as a parent. What can you do to help and not hinder their experience?

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8. Are There Any Tips or Secrets To Ensure My Child Enjoys Their Sport?

Is there some kind of recipe or blueprint that I can follow to give my kids the best chance of having a great sporting experience? What items or ingredients will result in happy smiling athletes?

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Do you have any other sports parenting questions?

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