Games That Young Athletes Love: Shot Put Asteroids

Make Learning Shot Put Fun With This Action-Packed Game

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Shot Put Asteroids is a team game during which young athletes score team points according to where their shot lands.


  • Ground markers
  • Shots (or practice shots)
  • Hoops

Set Up:

Arrange a line of ground markers placed at least two metres apart.

The athletes line up in groups of no more than four (less is better) behind a ground marker. Each group is provided with a shot or practice shot.

Scatter ground markers or other similar objects in front of the players. These are the “asteroids”, and form an “asteroid belt”.

In front of each group, place one hoop (a “planet”) beyond the asteroid belt at a challenging but achievable distance.


Explain to the group that they are about to launch their “armoured spaceship” (shot) on a dangerous mission. Their ultimate aim is to land their spaceship on a distant planet but lying between the launch pad and this planet is a deadly asteroid belt.

The players attempt to put the shots (spaceships) for maximum distance and accuracy to score points for their group. Scores are as follows:

Hit an asteroid                                                     =          0 points

Land in asteroid belt but not hit an asteroid         =          1 point

Land beyond the asteroid belt                              =          2 points

Land in a hoop (on planet)                                    =          3 points

Teams keep their aggregate point score to compare with the other teams and determine the “best and bravest space pilots”.

Safety Notes:

Always teach the group a launch/throwing signal (no player is permitted to launch/throw until you have given the signal – sometimes a launch “countdown” is effective) and a search & rescue/retrieval signal (no player may retrieve their implement until you have given the signal). Strictly enforce these.

Other Comments:

With appropriate modifications similar games can be played with discuses (flying saucers) and modified or soft javelins (rockets).

What is your favourite shot put game?

Let me know by leaving a reply/comment or by using the contact details below.

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