How to Teach the Discus Release to Young Athletes

Use This Activity When Introducing the Discus to Young Athletes

The “Discus Waterfall” is my favourite drill to use when first teaching young athletes how to release a discus from their hand.

Starting Position

The athlete stands with feet parallel, holding the discus vertically in front of them, using the correct grip.

Photo showing the discus being held at arms length out in front of the body, resting on the fingers

The Discus Waterfall Starting Position

The Action

Tipping their hand slightly forward, the athlete lets the discus roll over their index finger and drop from their hand “like water going over the edge of a waterfall”.

Photo showing the discus released over the index finger.

The Discus Waterfall Action

Finishing Position

The discus should land on its edge just in front of the athlete’s feet. The athlete picks up the discus and repeats.

Photo showing the discus landing on its edge

The Discus Waterfall Finishing Position


Watch for the athlete who allows the discus to roll out of the back of their hand or tumbles the discus over the tops of their fingers. The coach may need to physically move the discus over an athlete’s index finger for the athlete to properly comprehend the correct release action.

Let me know if this activity works for you!

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