The Best New Resource For Teaching Kids To Throw A Discus

25 Years Experience Of Introducing Kids to Discus Throwing Has Gone Into This New E-Book!

I’ve been been involved in full-time athletics development work for a quarter of a century. During that time I have introduced thousands of kids to discus throwing through school and community coaching clinics.

All of this experience has been condensed into the new How To Teach Discus To Young Athletes E-Book.

What you get in this resource is my tried and trusted teaching steps for getting small or large groups of beginners to the point of being able to deliver a simple standing discus throw. Included is:

  • An Introductory Discus Session for 5-12 year-olds
  • Session Content, Coaching Cues, Organisational & Safety Tips, Skill Extension Ideas
  • A Bonus Cheat Sheet Session Plan Summary

The E-Book also includes an one-page bonus cheat sheet that summarises the lesson plan for quick reference.

This 17-page downloadable PDF resource is perfect for athletics coaches, school teachers, parents and anyone else who wants to help kids learn a standing discus throw.

Click here to get the How To Teach Discus To Young Athletes E-Book

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